Jan 18, 2011

Some miracles in life are truly profound!

It is not generally a practice of mine to disclose abundant amounts of personal information here. But this is just too good to pass up!

Some of you already know, and many of you have no clue, but I am going to be a father! Yes! It is true. My wife has been carrying this blessing for the past 8 months now, and WOW how the time has flew by. We would like you to pray for us, and the child, as we approach the final weeks before she goes into labor. We are asking for a few things,
  • Pray for a drug-free delivery, Mrs. Lee needs all her strength, focus, and grace from our Father in Heaven so she may do what she has been preparing for these past 8 months.
  • Pray for a healthy baby, most importantly, pray for God's will in the life of our child, that he would consecrate a servant for his Kingdom, and that we would be good, godly parents for our child to emulate (need lots a help with that last one)!
  • And, pray for the salvation of our child. As we have prayed for others, and others have prayed for us, we ask you to join us in praying for this new addition to our family.
Thank you in advance for praying with us, and hopefully, when the time comes, we will be able to share the news of our little one's arrival with you. Stay tuned, because as excited as I am at the time of writing this, I am sure I will be much more when my little one arrives!

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