Jan 17, 2011

Reminder: Seeking a Kingdom Devotionals

I have created a new devotional blog. You may find it at http://seekingakingdom.blogspot.com, this is currently the primary URL.

The site is dedicated to posting devotionals with an emphasis on Kingdom centered and Kingdom mindedness. Essentially, the goal is to promote the edification of believers in Jesus Christ through devotions that focus on preparation, participation, and practical living for the Kingdom of God.

This site is currently still under construction. There is accessibility via social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The goal is to encourage readers to spread these devotionals freely and to encourage others in hopes of magnifying God's wonderful guide to living a life pleasing to him, His word.

This site was constructed out of a desire to glorify the name of Jesus Christ, promote His Kingdom, and develop a heart of devotion in His followers.

The premise is simple. All of Scripture is profitable for cultivating a mindset in those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ unto obedience, servitude, and application. Therefore, all devotions found here will be useful toward stopping for a moment, meditating upon the Word of God, and disciplining oneself into devotion to the Kingdom of God.

Interested in submitting?

The formula for the devotions is as follows,

  • They begin with a portion of Scripture, the number of verses varying, yet remaining sufficient enough to convey context. The whole of the devotional should not extend beyond 600 words or more.
  • That Scripture is then expounded upon in varying ways depending upon the style employed by its author. Then, a practical application, summary, or message is surmised from the entry.
  • A prayer is offered. And the text is categorized for organization.

This site utilizes the thoughts and writings of several authors. Authors are attributed appropriately in their posts by their initials. Contacting site authors can be done through the contact tab in the menu bar at the site.

From time to time you may see a devotional posted from a well known source, author, or voice of the past. These devotions will be attributed properly and sources posted for reference.

Comments are welcomed and gladly accepted. However, they will be moderated and deliberated upon by the author of the devotion receiving comments, and the site administrator for validity, and profitability for edifying other site readers. Profane, obscene, perverse, spam, and other non edifying comments will be discarded swiftly.

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