Jan 15, 2011

The Lord's Table, sippy cup and all

Okay. So I am having a real hard time believing that there are so few Bible reading believers who are not willing to stand in unity against the disunity of what passes for today's supposed Lord's Table, or Remembrance, or Breaking of Bread meetings.

If in John 17, the Lord Jesus himself prays for the unity of the disciples, and by proxy those who would become disciples in the future, unity is important right?

In Acts we see evidence of true communion through having everything in common, and truly bearing the burdens of the brethren that Christ may be glorified, including eating together.

In Luke we see bread being broken with sinners, tax collectors, and pharisees. Then we see the Lord break bread with the disciples on the night of his betrayal. Then we see him break bread with them again after he had risen.

Was Christ fractured into self-serving, compartmentalized, portions of individuality, or was he broken once for all that we may commune with him in the Kingdom?

I must say, I may be completely reactionary and responding to some things I am emotionally invested in working out. But, what I feel I am reacting to can be summed up in the simple purchase of ease, and convenience via individualized, sterile, disposable, longer shelf-life communion cups that include unleavened bread AND juice all in one for celebrating (?) the breaking of Christ's body and pouring out of his blood. Swallow, sip, and toss it away. No muss, no fuss.

Another reason to look at the scripture and ask, is this what it really said?

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