Feb 2, 2010

Plead for Mercy!

Here is an old re-post from 08', enjoy...

Foolish, corrupt, and contempt filled hearts,
shaking your fists at God
Do you not really know why this world is falling apart?

Glory is to be had in the destruction you see,
wish it was yours don't you,
but for Him alone the glory will be.

In all things, grace, peace, and mercy.
are you alone?
In Christ Jesus, this world can never hurt me.

Praise Him who has lit the lights of the heavens,
how do you hate the author of life
Don't you know your hate is more than just leaven?

A bitter seed that's planted by the enemy,
you love the world don't you?
Aren't you aware that friendship with it is with God enmity?

I plead with you who hear these words,
repent oh wicked ones
Bow down to Christ and serve.

Not with debt and unwanted duty
Love for Him for whom worship is worthy!

He has secured for His sheep a place of mercy,
A gift of salvation of which you are not worthy...

Today is the glorious day of salvation,
now go forth
Preach the gospel to every tongue, tribe, and nation!

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