Feb 18, 2010

Big Macs and Bologna Sandwiches Part Deux: Repost 2007

It was storming and and raining very heavily in the Metro Airport area and I was debating on whether or not to just save the sandwiches for the next day, or venture into the stormy night anyways. The benefit of the rain is that all of our homeless friends would be under the tunnels in large number and we would be able to feed a lot of them at one time, whereas there was also the danger of getting soaked in the torrential rain. A sister and I decided that we were going to go out and follow the faithful Postal Worker Creed of "Neither snow nor rain...."

When we arrived downtown we took a slight detour for awhile and took in some new sights as we were observing other possible fishing spots now that the Hart Plaza festival season was over. We journeyed through Greektown and stopped to take a look at the place that I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior, The Wayne County Jail. After reflecting on His grace for a period of time we went and had a conversation with Christopher who was begging on one of the corners. He listened intently and acknowledged understanding of his need for the Lord Jesus Christ's forgiveness. We then ventured back to Hart Plaza to feed the citizens of the tunnels.

While we were underneath giving out two and three sandwiches to everyone the most significant event of the night occurred. While we were being thanked for the sandwiches we would correct them and tell them to thank Jesus Christ for the food. Since there was only two of us, most of our time was spent making sure we stayed safe and the food got out. After repeating this phrase several times to several people and having brief conversations with them, one man who was sleeping on the concrete started to angrily ask, "Why do you keep saying that?" He was referencing the name of Jesus Christ and was growing angrier by the moment. I inquired and asked him several times what he was talking about and came to the conclusion that this man was severely angry at God and was bitterly living in a state of unforgiveness, or was demonically posessed. It was hard to tell and I didn't want to waste time standing around trying to figure it out. This man did not want to hear the name of Jesus and was provoked more every time we mentioned His Holy Name.

We returned to the surface level and ministered to Kenny and Thomas for awhile before eventually departing for home. The weather remained clear for the entire night and the Lord set aside a few divine appointments for us in our witnessing, and for that we are grateful. Praise His Holy Name for His mercy and grace. Pray for the men we spoke to and that one soul who was at enmity with God, "Kevin."

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