Feb 13, 2010

In Good Conscience and Domain Hosting

Knowing that one cannot completely separate from the world as a Christian, we can make wise decisions and discern how we conduct our business relationships as well as our personal ones. With that said, my current domain hosting solution and domain have embraced a marketing strategy that is not only at complete odds with my worldview, it is promoting a lifestyle that promotes lasciviousness and immorality.

I have made a decision to cancel my account long before its scheduled expiration/renewal date. If in the next few days you visit the blog and are unable to access it you can always access the blog at http://www.deliverdetroit.blogspot.com. In the time being, you can leave your bookmarks and feed subscriptions the same as the transfers may go smoothly and you will not notice any glitches in the transition.

If you are indeed interested in the name of the company that I currently host with and will be switching from, please utilize the contact form and send me a personal correspondence.

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