Jun 25, 2008

Shoring Up the Roof to Cover the Foundation

In writing this post I am doing so to inform you of great news. Approximately one year ago a friend and I began witnessing to a Muslim man at a local gas station. We would drop off tracts, sit and talk with him, and pay him visits when we could. Last Easter, he attended a service after being compelled to go. He commented that he did not think about becoming a Christian that day, nor was he thinking about the Bible. But, he said that he walked out of service that day feeling as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. The past week has brought many changes and even baptism! Being baptized into the Christian faith for a Muslim is a serious crime according to the Qu'ran, and is punishable by death. This man has lost his job, family, friends, and is now facing the loss of his home.

I am also writing to request your assistance. This is not something I often do, nor do I often ask for the help of others when It is within my means to do it myself. But this one is a need beyond my own resources. Facing foreclosure on a mortgage and barely being able to support a family are serious threats to many people today. Rarely do we get opportunities to shore up the faith and foundation given by Christ to a former Muslim with the Agape love that can be shown through helping him. He is in need of discipleship, education on the bible, and learning about who the New Testament says Jesus is. All of these things are crucial right here and right now. If you are in a position to financially assist me in helping this man, please do. If you are not please pray. If you are from the area and know someone who can employ him, or would like to learn more about the situation, click here, or contact me at the contact tab up top.

There is also the mention of answered prayer that is necessary. In praying for a means and way to learn Arabic to continue working with the Muslims in my area, the Lord has re-established contact with this recent convert! Amen! The Lord's sovereignty is simply amazing, and never short of inspiring complete awe. With the opportunity to work and disciple with this man, there is also the opportunity to benefit from his fluency in Arabic. He has offered his service in gratitude for the help given him already. How much more does the Lord show that He is the Lord of the harvest and that He waters the seeds planted? Amen!

If I did not witness for myself the genuine conversion that has taken place and the presence of the Spirit working truth and righteousness into this man's life I would not post this. Thank you for your prayers and considerations.

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Noiz said...

Praise God for his conversion! I so love reading praise reports such as these. They just give a little more fire when out sharing my faith.

Though I myself do not have finances to give. I will add you and him to my prayer list.

God bless

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