Jun 21, 2008

Daily Help from Charles H. Spurgeon - Jun 21st.

Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon selected for Daily Help some of his most inspiring thoughts on the human condition. The extraordinary richness and variety of the collection--which covers the whole of human experience--makes this a book to treasured and read every day of the year. Enjoy!

Faithfulness to us in our faults is a certain sign of fidelity in a friend. You may depend upon that man who will tell you of your faults in a kinda and considerable manner. Give me for a friend a man who will speak honestly of me before my face; who will not tell first one neighbor, and then another, but who will come straight to my house and say: "I feel there is a wrong in you, my brother, I must tell you of." That man is a true friend; he has proved himself to be so; for we never get any praise for telling people of their faults; we rather hazard their dislike; a man will sometimes thank you for it; but he does not often like you any better.

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