Jun 13, 2008

Formal Professions or True Conversions?

This from A.W. Pink's "Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross."

Formal professors who seem to run well for a while may grow weary and abandon the race. Those who are moved by the fleshly excitement of a "revival meeting" endure only for a time, for they have "no root in themselves." They who rely upon the power of their own wills and resolutions, who turn over a new leaf and promise to do better, often fail, and their last state is worse than the first. Many who have been persuaded by well-meaning but ignorant advisors to "join the church" and "live the Christian life" frequently apostatize from the truth. But every spirit that has been born again is eternally safe in the Father's hand.

Well said my friend.


Arthur Sido said...

Pink was a wise, godly man. Plain spoken, nothing fancy but he clearly knew and loved His God. Would that God would raise up more men like him.

James said...

In the introduction to "...7 sayings" there is a reference to Pink's wife. In the comment she says that Pink was a Puritan that was born a 100 years too late. This could be rightly understood by his aspirations and pursuit of piety. I wish there were more men like that today.

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