Jun 14, 2008

Arabic Outreach Update

Answered prayer! The plans have been finalized and the facility has been secured. For those who have been praying for this, thank you! To the Lord of Hosts; please draw men unto yourself and soften hearts to the Gospel, and bring forth many to repentance and faith!

The evangelism conference kickoff will be free to those interested in coming to hear about the Arabic Outreach in downtown Dearborn next week June 17th-23rd. The time of the conference will be June 19th at 7:30-9:30pm. You are welcome to bring friends, invite your church groups, and bring anyone else interested in learning about Muslim evangelism. The topic being addressed is "Why Reach the Muslims?" with guest speaker George Hussney. The location is...

Calvary Baptist Church - Hazel Park
24520 N. Chrysler Dr.
Hazel Park, MI. 48030

Please come out and join us. You can find out more information about the festival outreach at the conference, email me for details, or call 1-866-533-6659. There will be thousands of tracts and DVD's to handout as well as many, many, Dearborn Arab's and Muslims to speak to about the Lord Jesus Christ. More information can be found at Ministry to Muslims Website.

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