Jan 1, 2009

An Open Letter to Those Who Choose Sides

I received a forwarded message from a muslim friend in Jordan today. It contained images with sarcastic subtitles that depicted the injustices done to Palestinian Arabs in Gaza. I'll admit the tragedy and it's grave nature, but I will not select the side of men or nation in this matter. This was my response to him, and others like him, who choose to point out the injustice of one and overlook the injustice of others.

My friend why is it that you only see one side of the story. Why is it that you only choose to expose one sides injustices? Is it because the justification of the Palestinian mind is right? Does the Palestinian perspective trump that of the Israeli perspective? The Palestinians call Jews scum, the Jew calls Palestine scum....There is no innocent party, yet all parties claim innocence.We all are just as guilty as those who aim their weapons at innocents and take the lives of others in the name of Allah, or Buddha, or any other name of religion. And the same is said for those who take innocent life in the name of Jesus.

But there is no such truth as an innocent life is there? We are all guilty before God, we are all going to give an account before Him on the day of Judgment and we will be found wanting if there is no mediator to pay for our sin. I am no westerner, I am no Israeli, and I am not democrat or republican. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and the only blood shed that has any redemptive power is His that was spilled on the cross. My Lord, My Savior whom was crucified by Jews, and suffered beatings at the hands of westerners (Pontius Pilate), and if that is reason enough to hate then I could say I have enough. But I don't, and yet I align myself with no NATION, I do not align myself with any sect or political power. I align myself with the One True God, Jehovah-Jirah.

So join what side you will, and remember my friend, that all men will bow their knee one day, and it will not be at a temple laid in Jerusalem, or a reclaimed strip of land in Gaza, it will be at the threshing floor where God will sift the chaff from the wheat, and that which is not of Him will be laid waste and burned in the fire.

And while you choose sides and justify wrongs to be right because they are right in your own eyes, "innocents" lose their lives around the world at the hands of men from Arab decent, American decent, African decent, better yet, of Adamic decent. Every son of Adam has shed innocent blood, because his sin is the sin that Christ died for on the cross, therefore placing him in the crowd shouting "Crucify Him!" that day in Jerusalem when Christ was sentenced to death.

Today is the day of salvation my muslim friend. Today is the day you must repent and place your faith in Jesus Christ, for He will rule all of creation and the only border that matters will be the one separating the redeemed and the condemned for all of eternity.

In Love and Peace, today I will choose to align myself with Christ and to follow God, not men.


Arthur Sido said...

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict causes trouble for many an American Christian because they have been taught to assume that the nation of Israel=the Israel of God and therefore we have to support the nation-state of Israel without question. But the Jews on one side and the Palestinians on the other are equally lost without Christ.

James said...

The friend has responded to this letter, once more stating that I could not possibly understand because the story is so complicated. I should go and have someone explain it to me.

What I don't understand is how you justify Palestinian aggression against the Jewish state for the past 60 years, then cry injustice when Israel (one of the most formidable military forces on the planet) stomps a mud-hole into the Gaza strip with military bombardment.

If they stopped aggressing, they'd stop being aggressed.


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