Dec 21, 2008

Work in Progress III

Obviously Ive said so so candidly
that I have been at the center of all said previously
but ive been avoiding focusing on the centered me
because i am only i because of the cross at calvary
where Christ gave His life and the blood was shed for humanity
dont get me wrong its the me who commits the sins you see
but redeemed through Christ, the Holy Spirit empowers me to be
a soldier soul winner who desires to see the gospel preached

grace has become the present tense and not the former
the latter was sin and the past makes you a drama club performer
wearin the mask that has now been shed
cravin for the truth the appetite is for His word we must be fed
im alright bein a sheep thats been found led
i see the path to walk from the words of the shepherd and what He's said
its a good thing that Hes always known
the paths the turns and He's laid out the road
anxiety is squashed and I now know what to do
just have faith and these things will be added unto you


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