Jan 8, 2009

Passing On

I received a phone call this morning from my mother. She had been in Florida taking care of a friend who had become terminally ill and facing many health issues. Mother has for the greater part of her life, and the majority of it I have known her, always had a thing for taking care of those less fortunate, ill, or dying. This circumstance was not any different then the rest, and without hesitation, she placed her life on hold for the betterment of another.

Her sacrifice is noble by cultural and ethical standards. It even could be said that she has done a great thing. Indeed, this man's passing was more comfortable than it would've been without her help.

This man and I have conversed on many occasions, and I've known him since my youth. I know this man's life did not represent that of a Christian, nor did he profess the Christ of Scripture. But we discussed it several times, and as of late, we spoke in detail regarding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While I'll not know the result of our conversations, or whether or not he came to faith, I do know that he listened, and I do know that he had valid questions that seemed to offer hope to the gospel preacher, but his heart condition is only known by the creator God.

This man has passed from life to eternity and now knows the answers to his questions. Pray he had the right questions, and that the Lord gave the only answer man will ever need. Salvation.

Pray this witness goes forth to those around him, mourning him, and straightening out his affairs. Please pray this witness cuts to the quick of the hearts of all those who have been effected by the passing of yet another soul into the judgment of God.

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