Jul 12, 2008

Update on My Muslim Friend...

Unfortunately, there hasn't been too much to report on my friend who recently converted. He has benefited from all the financial support that has come in to assist him. He has said many times to send his thanks and gratitude to all those who have contributed. It has been hard for him to swallow his pride in many ways and accept outside help, as he wished to work for it. I'm afraid this is a human thing that is greatly magnified by his culture.

Contact with him lately has been hard and dealing with his wife is difficult. She seems to have a memory lapse disorder and has a hard time remembering me. It is also difficult getting straight information out of her as she may or may not be lying personally. As of now, she does not appear to be a believer.

My last contact with them resulted in learning that he has been picked up by immigration and detained for an expired work visa. He is being held in a detention facility by the Federal Courthouse in Detroit on a $2500 bond. I'm doing what I can to get more information about how to help him out of the situation.

Please pray for him and his family.

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