Feb 21, 2011

A reminder from NorthRidge Church

I write this to voice my concern over a piece of literature I came across from NorthRidge Church. (If you are not a local reader of this blog, you can visit NorthRidge Church's website and see what they are all about, or at least what their website conveys.) The item in question is a reminder card given to new members being prepared for membership a few years back. I am not sure if it is still being used today. I dug it up in an old bookmark box trying to find a placeholder for a new book I am reading. Rather than scan and post the original, the table below will suffice. The glossy 2.5" wide by 5.5" tall (apx.) card reads,

Side 1
Side 2
Our Strategy (The Spiritual Journey)

I.                    The Journey to Faith:  SALVATION

1.       Build Relationships
2.       Live and Share Faith
3.       Invite: To Weekend Services and Events
4.       Persist One-at-a-time
Our Strategy (The Spiritual Journey)

II.                  The Journey to Full Devotion: SPIRITUAL GROWTH

1.       Attend Weekend Services
2.       Attend New Life Services
3.       Connect: to NorthRidge Groups
4.       Serve: in NorthRidge Groups
5.       Give: ‘excel in the grace of giving’

and this is what I see,

Side 1
Side 2
Our Strategy (Growing NorthRidge)

I.                    The Journey to Faith: NORTHRIDGE

1.       Build Relationships
2.       Live and Share NorthRidgianity 
3.       Invite to NorthRidge
4.       Persist One-at-a-time until they come to NorthRidge
Our Strategy (Growing NorthRidge)

II.                  The Journey to Full Devotion: NORTHRIDGE PIETY

1.       Attend NorthRidge
2.       Attend NorthRidge
3.       Connect: to NorthRidge
4.       Serve: in NorthRidge
5.       Give: your money to NorthRidge

Anyone else seeing this?

Disclaimer: I am not a critic of NorthRidge church for the sake of being a critic. I am however, deeply perplexed and disturbed by the true message that is promoted by this establishment. I am afraid, that it is no gospel at all. Just because the name of Jesus is on it, doesn't mean he's in it.

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