Feb 21, 2011

Book Review: Ultimate Allegiance, The Subversive Nature of the Lord's Prayer by Robert D. Cornwall

Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord's PrayerThe second entry of the Energion Areopagus Series is Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord's Prayer by Robert D. Cornwall. This entry in the series takes on the content of the Lord's Prayer as written in a series of sermons that were once delivered by Mr. Cornwall during the 'Lenten season.' Regardless of denominational affiliation, the Lord's Prayer is profoundly familiar to many believers and is easily one of the most recited. In sixty short pages, Cornwall addresses each stanza of the prayer as it was once taught to the inquiring disciples several thousand years ago. There is a catch however. Cornwall stands firmly on the premise that the prayer itself has a different agenda. Instead of rote liturgical repetition, the prayer really is an example of the disciple seeking his true and proper place and subverting himself to God the Father through Christ the Son in allegiance to the Kingdom of God.

Ultimate Allegiance spells out much of what I have been finding to be the most challenging in my own studies of the scriptures these days. Mr. Cornwall highlights the subversive nature of this prayer and brings a view not often seen at first glance. What I enjoyed most about this book is that it remains in line with the proclamation of the Kingdom of God, and in likewise manner is consistent with the teachings of Jesus to followers living in a Roman ruled empire. That fact alone illuminates statements like hallowed be your name, thy kingdom come, and forgive us our trespasses. He also goes on to elaborate on the phrases that are not scriptural in and of themselves but are additions added through years of Christian repetition and practice, like for thine is the kingdom, the power, and glory forever, and other ancillary additions. But of most importance, Mr. Cornwall remains diligent in bringing truth to the subversive nature of the Lord's Prayer, the true example of radical transformation of self, others, and the world around you through submission and obedience to God. As the title of the book proclaims, the prayer teaches us where our Ultimate Allegiance should lay.

This book comes highly recommended for those interested in new insight provided for this prayer. As Mr. Cornwall attempts to address the dryness of this prayer in congregations across the land and within his own life as well, he plainly accomplishes his initial objective to make this prayer living, breathing, and power filled for the life of the one who prays  it. Most importantly, the central theme of the prayer aims to glorify God. The book is inexpensive, short to read, and deep in content, well worth the investment on all accounts.

I received this book in exchange for a review from Energion Publications. No books were harmed in the reviewing of this title. You can order this book at Amazon or from Energion Direct (which offers free shipping).

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