Feb 2, 2011

Bible study software: The Word

Have you heard of The Word? Not bird....The Word! Apparently, while trolling around the internet looking for E-Sword modules, I discovered a dissenting E-Sword user's website who is actively promoting The Word in protest of Rick Myers. Of minor note, E-Sword has also recently released it's software with a module down-loader built right into the software. It tells you what modules are installed and which ones currently available that you do not posses.

The Word appears to be a fantastic alternative to the E-Sword free bible software. Over the years, E-Sword has been unprecedented in bringing bible study software to the masses for free, while be comparable to many of the paid modules on the market.

Some of the functions I really enjoy are the enhanced graphical interface, the plethora of free modules and resources available, the compatibility with E-Sword modules (has a built in module converter), and the portability of the USB option. You can install the entire module library, plus the software on a single USB drive and take your Bible software and library anywhere you go.

I have also been able to successfully run The Word with the WINE program for MAC OS/X as if it were operating in it's native PC environment. So double the freebie value and now you have double sweetness!

I will be adding the links for this awesome resource to the "resource" tab here at the blog for future use.

So before you check it out, here are some of the highlights from The Word website include,

Fast and responsive
Tired of waiting for the program to follow you? Afraid of trying out new things? Not any more!
Configure everything
Tailor the software to your liking. Rearrange everything, configure every little detail to your heart's liking.
Everything for free
Unless you try it, you will not believe that free software can be of such quality. No catches, no ads, no nags, no registration, not even your e-mail to download.

Write down your notes!
Add notes to verses, chapters, whole Bible books or create you own personal hierarchical books. Highlight your favorite Bible passages. Edit, print, share you own modules.
Take it with you
The Word is portable! You can put it on a USB flash drive and carry your favorite Bibles, Books and personal notes wherever you go.
Enjoy an ever-growing library
Expand your library with many add-on modules, most of which would cost hundreds of dollars to buy.

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