Mar 11, 2010

Zacchaeus the Tax Collector With a Twist

Some of you might be interested in a post from a brother at 'Flee From Babylon'. It offers a few twists on how some of our ridiculous sectarianism suppresses the Holy Spirit, or at least, does so by acting as if there is such a thing as exclusive licensing on when, and how He works. Here's a snippet below, the rest can be found here.

The religous [sic] crowd of that day had nothing good to say about the saving work of Jesus Christ.  I was thinking that if this were to take place in America today, here are some of the comments you might hear shouted from the crowd after our Lord finished speaking…

“Lord – did you hear how Zacchaeus was trying to justify himself by his works, teach him the five points of Calvinism so he can REALLY be saved” ~ Hyper Calvinist

“Very good Lord, because that man has made a good moral decision he is now righteous in the site of God and so it is as you said, he has saved himself!” ~ Hyper Armenian / Pelagian

“Quick Lord, get Zacchaeus to repeat a sinners prayer and ask you into his heart before he changes his mind” ~ Modern Evangelist

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