Mar 27, 2010

End Times Primer

Ever want a simple definition of the varying end-times worldviews, or better known as 'eschatology', it is essential for the Christian to know what they believe and why they believe it. I have always found that the framework in which we read the end-times Scriptural references has a significant impact on how we live today as believers.

At Head Heart Hand, David Murray has posted several videos from his most recent presentation at the 2010 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology. He has also included an e-book for download. The videos are also available for download on Vimeo for your viewing/sharing purposes.

For simplicity sake, I have compiled his four videos concerning Dispensational Premillenialism, Amillenialism, Post-Millenialism, and Historic Premillenialism, along with the Endtimes Q&A e-book into a compressed zip file for download.

I hope this resource is beneficial to you as you seek to learn more about these varying end-times views.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Those are great! Thanks for passing them along.

James said...

Hey no problem. Although, the only one you really need is probably the one related to Amillenialism.

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