Dec 27, 2009

The Gospel of Inoculation

I will not say that my conversations with Church leaders and Pastors have been numerous but that I’ve had a fair share of them.  Also in these conversations I have been that aggressor, or the one who is believed to be empirically wrong.  Unfortunately, this is not a point of arrogance on my part, but a matter of educated understanding of the topics being discussed.  In and of it I accept the connotations of this sounding arrogant.  If believing one has truth, and others are in error regardless of their convictions defines one as arrogant, then so shall it be.  If it is my responsibility to be labeled the bad guy in such a manner, than so shall it be.  As for faltering on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, or backing from a stance in which Christ is the sole object of our purpose, it shall not be so.  The idea of salvation by number is running rampant and deceiving more than just the congregations of the American Church. It is deceiving the very Shepherds and Keepers of the flock.  They seem to believe that because the culture has become more relativistic, and more unreachable by the Gospel, that the message has to be re-delivered.  This implicates and loudly proclaims that the message delivered by Jesus Christ was insufficient.  Is it so that the one given to the disciples and taught in the Synagogues 2000 years ago has inevitably run its course?  This new “conversation” the Church is attempting to have with the world is tainted by the very world it is trying to reach.
 A rough application of the “theory of Osmosis” is that the substance with the highest density permeates the walls of the object containing the substance of the lowest density.  This flow or exchange of substance is completed by an instability being created within the inside of the once stable object.  Although the object was once stable, its very sustenance of low density is what allowed for it to be permeated in the first place.  This reaction can cause one of two outcomes.  One, the inside begins to swell and explodes outwardly or two, begins to contract violently and implodes on itself.  Either reaction is destructive in nature and results in the death or destruction of the object.  In other words, the world will not infiltrate the purity of Christ’s Church if Christ’s Church is truly that. The Church must permeate the world and fill its darkness with its light.  Being in the world means to be just that, IN IT AS A CHRISTIAN, not a spectator. It must maintain and continue to function has its purpose of Salt and Light to the World.  In order to win the affection of the lost, we must be the bearers of the light that is brighter than all.  Conclusively, the light that wins that affection is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Wearing a Christian T-shirt does not constitute radical Christianity, neither does not telling others whom you believe are going to Hell the truth about the one who delivers all men from that fate.  (John 12:32, 46, 14:6, Acts 4:12, Mt 22:29, Rm 1:16)
 Now, while many of these proponents of this “new-deliverance” claim to be adherents to the “inerrant, infallible word of God” they still seem to falter on the idea that it is exactly that.  God has delivered his word once and for all time (1 Thess. 2:4, 2 Tim 2:15).  There is no necessity for further revelation or further interpretation of the Gospel.  The Savior Christ Jesus was the last Prophet, High Priest, and Blood Sacrifice.  How is it we can allow the culture to dictate the very thing we believe changed our souls from the inside out?  Is the experience inside of our minds and souls something that is legitimate?  Shall we examine ourselves against the scriptures before we claim to be bearers of the word? (1 Cor. 11:19, 2 Cor. 10:18)  Of course we shall.  If it truly is the Savior who dwells within in us, we should be troubled by this predicament as well.  If it hasn’t before and is now starting to prick your conscience, please do something about it.  The problem doesn’t lie within the idea of our own salvation (if we desire to see others saved) but within the idea of our lack thereof.  If we cannot count it unto the Lord to be the sole provider of the power needed to save a soul, then we are eliminating him, and adding us (1 Tim 2:5).  In case we have forgotten, Man is the problem in the first place.  If it were our own righteousness that could warrant favor from God, Christ would not have had to die in the first place (Eph. 2:7-9).  In this manner we should be just fine aligning with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses) or the Church for Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS, Mormons) (2 Peter 2:1).  Better yet, let’s just do go the extra mile and uphold the Five-Pillars of Islam and join the Muslim Jihad against Christianity.  Secondly the idea behind a softer, easier, and gentler way of coming to the cross is non-existent.  Death to self requires just that, death!  If we do not die to self, we cannot be resurrected with Christ (Luke 14:26).  You cannot receive the Holy Spirit and comforter of God unless we are born again (Acts 1:8, 2:38).  To believe  the enemy is capable of setting up major world religions to blind MILLIONS to the truth of Christ, why could he not be capable of infiltrating the false Church being established by men under the banner of Christianity.  It is a sad day when we believe that we must entertain converts into the kingdom (2 Timothy 4:3).  It is a sad day when we believe the very prophecies that speak about this very thing are the methods we embrace and say are from the Lord.  What Idol are we going to worship next Sunday?

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