Dec 5, 2009

Resources Updated to Include Koine Greek Tools

The resources page has been updated to include some free Greek (koine) language learning tools. I have been using a few of them already and have benefited immensely from their price, free! So, check it out, bookmark it, or just go and save each one of the files/links for your benefit. Below is a listing of what was added.

Greek (Koine) Language Learning Tools (Free)

Ted Hildebrandt's Video Introductions to Greek - Here

 (This one has become a personal favorite and is currently the one I am using)
  • Hildebrandt's Mastering NT Greek Textbook/Workbook in word/pdf/html - Here
  • Mastering NT Greek eSources (Greek mss., Books, and theses) - Here
  • Audio eSources for Vocabulary building, listening on your iPod/Mp3 - Here
Dallas Theological Seminary on iTunes U has released seminary course videos for free on iTunes. Some of which include Elements of Greek I and II - Here

Concordia Seminary also has videos from Dr. James Voelz (Lutheran) on Fundamental Greek Grammar - Here

Enjoy! I hope these encourage you to dig down into the New Testaments original language, it is worth it!

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