Sep 24, 2008

Daytime Detroit

On the flip side of the dark Detroit city streets, there is a bustling and very busy style of life. The night and day are just that and appear to be diametrically opposed in the manner of which kinds of people are out and about. Either way, the city still has a heartbeat. While it may yet be faint, it is still pumping and what little life is left can still be seen.

Having an opportunity to walk from the Greektown district to the Financial district, I was able to make use of my time spent there on business. When I parked, I stuffed my back pocket full of tracts and set my affections on God as I prepared to share the Gospel with someone, anyone, whoever the Lord set before me. As I went about my duties, my travels covered much ground from one area of Detroit to another. Of the 20-25 tracts I had, I left with 3 leftover. I even made sure that I went in front of the courts and gave some to the attorneys coming and going. Figured they'd need them as much as the next guy.

The best part about the entire trip was a familiar face. On the many excursions downtown with friends, and solo efforts, this individual has been spoken to at least once every time, I'm almost sure of it. When I saw him, I asked him if he was keepin warm. He said it'd be easier if I had some coffee. It was quite chilly between the buildings this morning and I know that I would appreciate a coffee If I were in his shoes. I figured we could do one better, and took him to the coney for breakfast.

Sadly, as we entered the coney, "Lloyd" walked in behind me, still wrapped in his blanket. The cook from behind the counter came trouncing around the grill and gave us the old one over look and acted as if we had just broken the treaty of versailles and brought war into his country. This was not something that is unexpected, most people cringe at the thought of someone like Lloyd coming into their business, he might be begging. I bought his meal to go and he bought his own cup of coffee witht the one dollar he had. I told him he was eating today, that's for sure.

I left Lloyd at the counter and told the waitress to take care of my friend. I bid Lloyd farewell and told him I would see him again, as Im sure I will, we've seen him plenty of times before. I spent another thirty minutes or so wrapping up my business at the Coleman building. Leaving there it was back to passing out tracts, most of them went at the bus stop next to the Coleman building where the Spirit of Detroit sits. I rounded a corner and could see up in the distance that "Lloyd" was back at his spot, eating his food, and had his nose deep in the back of the tract, as it was a very detailed one that required thorough reading.

I approached him once more and reminded him about the requirements of God's law on the human soul, the punishment for sins, and the crucifixtion of Christ. I then reminded him that our time here is short, and the joys and sorrows of this life are temporary. With joy I proclaimed the resurrection from the dead, glorified bodies, and Christs conquering of sin and death. Lloyd just looked with glazed eyes and uttered a smiling "thank you" as we shook hands. I walked away, and he went back to reading the tract.

Today was a good day. Pray for Lloyd. (P.s., Lloyd also goes by Mario, I'm almost sure of it)

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Arthur Sido said...

I would say that the attorneys ESPECIALLY need the tracts!

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