Sep 2, 2008

Birthday Schmerthday

Today, I officially become a 29 year old bag of dirt. How bout that? Today, I live to see a day I never thought I would. As hindsight would have it, my past has made my present (and future) extremely joyful. My past has presented me with an outlook that gives something to compare present and future grief or sorrow to. Today, I have a vertical gratitude that produces an appreciation for all things temporal. My past indicates that in all actuality, I am only four years old. For the birthday that has the most significance has not been far off.

Today, avails to little in light of eternity. Today, friends and relatives might find it nice to call me and say hello, and happy birthday, and In turn I'll be presented with an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His grace is the only reason I have today, let alone a perspective that allows me to reflect on my yesterday's, and the only provision for a hope in any tomorrow's. Christ is my life, my all, and my reason for living (Php 1:21).

Today this bag of dirt may be considered but young in the eyes of the world, but my eyes are weary and I long to go home and be with the Father. I've seen a fair share of wretched, depraved, and useless existences, and even partook in most of it. Here lies my stead and my plot in life and until this flesh returns to dust I'll serve in the foxhole awaiting the trumpets call. I know now that I once served a purpose, and that was my own self satisfaction and agenda. But today, my purpose is to see my life be a testimony to His grace and His glory (I Ti 1:8-14).

This day is a reminder of grace. The grace of God alone to change the hearts of a man who did not want to be changed, yet distinctly knew his only hope would be to change. I'd never thought my cry to Christ that day would be heard, or that He would see fit to grant a wretch like me repentance. Today I remember my belly-button birth, but today I reflect on that birth occurring under the sovereign, watchful, and loving hand of the creator Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, life is but a vapor. Tomorrow, there is hope in resurrection (Jas 4:14).

Until mine eyes set sight on the celestial city, that great offer of grace shall bide me through.
While I await the vision of my Lord, my comfort will be in what He's set for me to do.
And just when I think it's me who does the work, it's the Lord's word that rings true.
The glory of sinners turned to saints belongs to the one and only Lamb who was slain.

Coram Deo


love God... said...

Well Happy Birthday James!...and many more...Lord willing :-)

James said...

Thank you very much Beth, Truly this one was Lord willing, and every one thereafter shall be too. The only seconds I have are the ones given in grace....amen?

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