Sep 22, 2008

Are You or Aren't You?

I have thought many times about the answer to the question, "Why are you a Calvinist?" Asserting a stance on the doctrines labeled by a certain man's name ignores the inherent truth within them found entirely in Scripture. The Doctrines of Grace are not fabricated solely on one man's systematic theology, only expounded upon. Any study of Calvin would reveal his consistent appeal to the Church for purity and piety toward God. But he is not the origin of these doctrines, nor is he the only authority of them.

I am not a Calvinist, I am a Christian. It just so happens to be the same as telling the difference between the jars of jam from those of jelly. I believe and affirm the truth of God's Word. I also affirm the doctrines of grace because they explain the condition of the Modern Church and why its so difficult to find truth amongst the very people who claim the name of Christ yet live like Hell in the mean time.


Arthur Sido said...

Calvinism is not about Calvin, it is about Christ. When people rail against Reformed theology because of Servetus getting burned with Calvin's approval at the stake, I remind people that the theology behind Calvinism would be true even if Calvin had never lived.

James said...

That's the principle I was hoping to emphasize. I think that in our zeal, no matter its intensity, many of us get caught up in the times that we are walking in righteousness, only to forget about the disgusting sins that occur in our thought life. But because they are of omission, and unseen, they are easier to keep secret. That in turn is justification for an elevation of personal piety.

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