Feb 26, 2008

Multiculturalism and Theology

Today I had to put the finishing touches on a minimal three page paper due for school. The topic of this paper was to be the facet of diversity (cultural) in social work interviewing (assessment). I had already knew what the paper was going to require, and what direction it was destined to go. What direction you may ask? The direction of relativism and the importance of peacefully negotiating rights and wrongs in order to make headway and achieve some form of acceptance and understanding.

The depth of this is limitless, so I will only get to my point much quicker than normal because I don't have time and I need to spill these thoughts before they depart from me. Social activism and proponents of the social gospel all preach the same thing. They preach a needs based approach that seeks to materialistically solve an eternal and soul-based dilemma. An individuals relationship with God does not perfect his behavior instantaneously and abrogate him from accountability, but yet it can only achieve the absolute meeting of need through the Saviour Jesus Christ. It is in Him that the satisfaction of one's place in life, time, wealth, and success are measured correctly.

I can't begin to tell you how annoyed I've become with my current pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in social work and the liberalism that seethes throughout all of it's core teaching. But, I will tell you how I pray the degree provides a stepping stone to attain glory and honor for the Lord, and that His grace is magnified through me as a living testimony to it.

Here's a quote on the problem posed by multiculturalism in a larger spectrum of understanding. This commentary provides a great assessment and dead on description of the larger implications that tolerance and multiculturalism advocates.

To cite a non-European, non-Muslim example, the draft constitution of Bolivia would allow for “communal justice” that could not be appealed by a court. Local tribes could punish malefactors as they see fit, which by custom means mob violence, lynchings, burnings, and burying people alive.
Thus, multicultural tolerance becomes intolerance. Multicultural freedom puts an end to freedom. Multiculturalism commits suicide. Relativists have no conceptual basis for opposing radical Islam; thus the weakness of nations that reject their own religious, moral, and cultural heritage.

Veith, Gene Edward (2008, March 1). Suicidal Theology. World Magazine, 33.

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