Feb 27, 2008

Good News or Bad News

During last week's transition of blog layout and archived posts, I lost half of my posts. That's kind of annoying, but I guess you could say I'm satisfied with the overall progress that was made. It could have been much more disastrous than it was!

Good news is that the blog is up and running. Bad news is that I lost the posts, but can still recover them If I desire to tediously restore them. Good news is that I will be transitioning the blog to it's own domain name and server within the next couple of days. Bad news is that this will cost a couple of extra dollars more than it was before, which was $nothing$. (WitnessToday.Org).

Good news, Jesus Christ is King! Bad news, not receiving Him as Lord has eternal consequences! Good news, two people at work asked for Bibles (pray for them) today. Bad news, It's very difficult to fully witness in a fast-food environment. Good news, I get to witness to them.

Good news, I registered for the Band of Bloggers: The Gospel Trust conference in Kentucky this April 15th, 2008. Bad news, registration is almost at full capacity so you'd better get on over there and do the do.

Good news? I'm done ranting in this manner. Bad news? I'll probably do it again sometime!


Arthur Sido said...

Greetings from Northern Michigan! Came across your blog via the link on the Band of Bloggers attendees. I live in the Petoskey area now, but am maybe moving to your area (I have an interview in Taylor on Friday) Where do you guys go to church? Any interest in carpooling down to Louisville?

James said...

Greetings Arthur! Glad to hear from you. Carpooling makes it cheaper, so definitely interested in that idea! Contact me through the "Contact Me" tab up top and we can talk further!

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