Oct 4, 2010

Prayer Station: Help Needed

Readers and friends. I would like to propose an opportunity for you to participate in our outreach efforts. I am currently seeking local businesses and storefronts to host a prayer station in or on their property. With the winter quickly approaching, outdoor ministry efforts are often slowed, or sometimes completely stalled. But, I want to remain diligent in preaching the Gospel to the citizens and students of Ann Arbor.

With that said, I am in need of $350.00 to purchase the equipment and supplies. The distributor has agreed to provide the station at a significantly discounted rate to us. Through this opportunity,
  • We will be able to pray for individuals needs directly in the name of Jesus Christ
  • We will be able to utilize their time with us for proclaiming the Biblical Gospel
  • We will be able to utilize otherwise down-time for continued diligence in reaching the lost

If you are interested in assisting us in the matter we would be grateful for any contributions you may make. We do not often solicit funds of any sort. If it is the will of the Father for this endeavor to take place, He will provide. This is merely an effort to make the need known.

You can use the widget below to donate, or find it in the right-hand column of this blog.

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