Oct 13, 2010

Evangelism report from beginning of month: 10.01.10

Overall the night got off to a good start. Levi from the assembly meeting in Rochester Hills drove down to help reach out. He also attended the previous week with us as well. He is a zealous young man and eagerly desires to preach the Gospel publicly. He likes to author and design his own tracts as well. He has an older brother, Eliezar that has witnessed with us in the past as well. We arrived down at Liberty Plaza and assisted Kirk and Genii with food distribution, Gene brought pizzas, and some students from Campus had come alongside us to help with the food distribution. They are participating in cooperation with folks from ‘Red Cross.’

The laborers  who went on to the campus and downtown for evangelism were Gene, Myself, Brian Frei, Levi, and Carissa. Please uphold them in prayer.

As usual, Levi freelanced and sought conversations up and down the street while we parked on the corner of South and East University in front of the PNC bank. It was a slow start at first and he had trouble striking up conversations. He said he had a good conversation with an Atheist man who had good, legitimate questions that he didn’t know answers to. He has been encouraged to study harder.

We were using the “NarrowMinded” tracts tonight as well as displaying the ‘Are you a genius’ illusion board with Albert Einstein’s reversed image on it.

Farook – This man was passing by and took one of the tracts I was holding out. I explained to him what it was and he took it. He returned a few minutes later and was confused, he thought we were “against religion.” When he asked what it was I told him it was the gospel message of the Lord Jesus Christ. I explained to him the difference between religion, and faith. He tried returning the tract to me, but per usual, I encouraged him to take it and keep it. It was ‘his!’

Ming – Brian spoke to Ming after he had been drawn to the illusion board. Brian used the conversation that started to segue from the ‘natural’ to the ‘spiritual.’ Ming had a Catholic background and was from Korea. He spoke with Brian at length regarding the differences between Biblical faith, and Catholic dogma that equates to tradition more than faith. Pray that God reveals the simplicity of the gospel to him.

Josh – Another conversation that was initiated by the attraction to the illusion board. Josh had a Catholic background and has come to the University from Ogemaw county, Michigan. He had a nominal understanding of the scripture and related to stories I shared with him, but had little biblical foundation or knowledge. We discussed the state of man in his sin, the just penalty of our judgment in our guilt, and the need for a mediator between us and God. He affirmed everything that was said, and even agreed that the ‘works’ taught by the Catholic church were insufficient to be a worthy offering to God. I pleaded with him to consider his state, read his bible, and contact me if he has any questions. He thanked me for the conversation and went on his way. Hopefully, we may hear from him again.

Greg – This young man passed by with a group of friends who were intrigued by the illusion board we were  using. He then stopped to seemingly ask genuine questions. Some included ‘why’ and ‘what’ we were doing out there. We explained to him that ‘narrow’ way of Jesus Christ and gave him a tract (along with those in his group). We spoke for a good 20 minutes concerning the difference between mainstream ‘Christians’ and those who walk on the narrow path. He had an interestingly sound grasp on Biblical Christianity, and proclaimed that when it comes down to it, he acknowledges that God is the only true counselor in the affairs of men. He was very open and challenged by the disparity he observed in our approach to evangelism, the discussion about a necessity for holiness, and the abundance of hypocrisy that seems to characterize Christianity to the unbelieving world. He thanked us for the conversation and took some information from us. The best part was that while his friends pleaded with him to leave our discussion, he emphatically made them wait for me to finish speaking with him. Pray for his salvation.

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