Sep 28, 2010

Shift in direction: Detroit to Ann Arbor

Theoretically, the blog is called Deliver Detroit. But, lately I have been in Ann Arbor. Yes, I know there is not only a span of some forty miles that separate the two cities, a sharp contrast in culture, but also a completely different economic environment. If you have ever been to either, you may know what I am talking about.

With the glaring disparity between the two cities, there is one thing in common, they both have people, they both need preaching, and they both are within my reach. You see, for the time being, I now live happily between the two cities and able to commute to either in just under a half-hour.

That, said. The blog name will remain the same, of course, because it is paid for, and it still remains relevant. If you know my testimony, you know this is the city in which I received my deliverance. Detroit is also where I mostly work, and it is the place that will forever have my heart. The people still need deliverance. The city is in shambles, economic disarray, and spiritually under siege by they heartless prosperity and liberation gospels. I continue to pray on behalf of the people living there, both the lost and falsely converted.

Ann Arbor, is where I now fellowship, at least mostly. It is also where I have been spending most of my time doing street ministry. It is my belief that the Lord's hand has moved me in this direction over the past year. We have been reaching out to the homeless population, students on U of M's campus, those who frequent the downtown area on a regular basis. There will be more of a presence of posts related to this activity and less regarding Detroit.

So going forward, the original intent of this blog was to remain diligent in posting information related to street-ministry, open air preaching, and related material. You will also find posts related to ecclesiology, book reviews, and commentary, but I am going to once again try to re-focus on the purpose of this blog. If you are a regular reader, you know I have several 'series' of posts that remain unfinished. I would like to finish those as well.

Hopefully, I will hear from you more frequently, as you hear from me. I hope this blog fulfills my original intent to glorify Christ and to edify the saints. In due time, I will seek to accomplish that task.

In Him,


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