Sep 29, 2010

The Holiness of God: Mark Cahill

Mark Cahill gave a talk at the Livingwaters Deeper Conference: 2009. It was titled, "The Holiness of God." Mark speaks emphatically about the necessity of sacrifice and its contribution to holiness that glorifies God. I listened to the talk earlier today and found it most encouraging. That is to be said, most of his talks will make you feel lukewarm, but this particular message was edifying, convicting, and spot on. Go check it out at Mark's website for free.

Does holiness, or the lack thereof, keep you from being a faithful, credible witness for Jesus Christ? 

Mark Cahill Ministries

The Holiness of God talk stream
The Holiness of God talk download

(Consider supporting Mark's ministry, he offers all his resources at donation value, meaning, what you want to pay is what you pay. They also give away tons of resources for free.)

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