Jul 22, 2010

Dearborn police accused of violating First Amendment Says The ACLU

An interesting spin on the arrests of Acts 17 Apologetics members last month. Call it what you will, political activism, or gospel proclamation. Either way, their American rights were violated, as citizens they were denied constitutional right, due process, and the exercise of freedom of speech, even unpopular speech. As Christians, well, they got what they had coming in an environment that is hostile toward the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The ACLU weighs in with this article.


Just for a note of opinion. I would say that the detractors (local ones) who stand opposed to the activities of this group, I have one question. While I may not align fully with any side, as I choose to align with Christ, could you stop for a moment and pray? Pray that the Lord would be glorified? Pray that precedence may be established here? That an unfettered door would be opened to the truth of Christ being openly preached amongst Muslims? Have you considered that even your most seeker sensitive message involving conversion to Christ in a closed-door country where Muslims dominate the population and local government will get you killed? Think about it.

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