May 31, 2010

Detroit Outreach: Movement, the Detroit Electronic Musical Festival

Friday May 28, 2010, the saints meeting at WIBC gathered together to prepare for an outreach in Detroit’s Hart Plaza. The plaza is a central location for the summer festivals that have become the norm in downtown Detroit.
In preparation for the outreach, there were 150+ Audio/MP3 CD’s burned, stamped, and packaged for distribution. The ladies prepared 25+ bag lunches for the homeless that would be given out as needed. The lunches were great and had turkey + cheese, an orange, and delicious protein bars.
With thousands of people in attendance at the festival, and congregating on the Detroit River walk, there were plenty of opportunities for witnessing. Many gospel tracts, materials, and CD’s were distributed (Contact us if you are interested in hearing the compilations used). Although it is common at festivals for leafleting to be excessive, we must pray that the materials containing the word of God be seeds sown to those who kept them. For the ones that were discarded, let us pray for them to be picked up by someone else and that God would use that tract to save them.
Some of the people encountered during this trip that we may pray for,
Daniel - Homeless man that was met just before we prayed near Congress and Woodward. He was drunk. Jim N. spoke to him about being in bondage to drugs and alcohol. We prayed for him, gave him a bible, and told him to read the gospel of John.
Carmen - Lady that we met near the end of the night who said she was seven months pregnant and running from her abusive husband after just returning to him, hoping that he had changed. We gave her $32 for bus fare and a boarding house for her to stay in safely until money from St. Louis arrived to get her home. Pray that she was truthful, that our assistance comforted her, and that God be glorified.
Charles - Man who harbored resentment toward his mother for abuse as a child. He was upset that she was a hypocrite who went to ‘church,’ sang in the choir, and yet lived a life bearing no fruit. The sisters who spoke with him exhorted him from the scriptures. Pray for his softening and forgiveness for his mother.
Shadrak - Jim N. spoke with this man who was in the stair-well of the parking structure. He had been raised in the Christian Reformed Church and was very hostile, angry, and intoxicated. He said he knew what we were going to say and that he’s heard it all before. Pray that his bitterness be lifted and that Christ grants him new life.
Cecil and Jayranae - Vendors who helped talk to security guards about our leafleting in a certain area. She clarified some things with them and they said it was ok for us to continue. They both professed to be believers and were very encouraging. Pray for Jayranae’s booth that it helps her provide for her children.
Everyone Who received a Tract
The Laborers -
Php 2:3  Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.
We are seeking your prayers for protection from the enemy after our efforts, Gene and Andrea P., Jim N., Eleazar and Levi, James and Rachel L.
Those Who Supported - In prayer, labor, and financial assistance. Thanks!


Nick S said...


I was at the festival on Saturday. I randomly ended up there with my aunt (she's into electronic music). I was overwhelmed with the was a major culture shock for me (and I've been in diverse settings before). The whole time I was there I couldn't help but think about the Gospel reaching that crowd. I must confess I was too overwhelmed to do anything other than observe. So thanks for being there & being a faithful witness...I pray God would use your efforts to move in peoples' hearts.

James said...

Thanks Nick, we appreciate the encouragement.

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