Nov 19, 2009

Jesus Raises all the Dead, all of Them: John Piper

I was listening to a podcast from Desiring God the other day, and a portion of the sermon really struck me. John Piper was speaking about the rising of the dead when Jesus calls them to life. The dead are all raised, every one of them, to judgment. The just, and the unjust. This is a pure demonstration of the power of God and how His resurrecting power will bring those who know His Son, and those who have rejected Him to life again.

So, I went and dug up an audio track, added the portion to it, and viola! You have my newest compilation. All the kudos really go to the artist who dubbed the audio, and the preacher who was delivering the message. I hope that my combination of the two will edify you. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments!

Scripture: John 5:25-29
Original Sermon Location: Desiring God Ministries
Audio Artist Credit: Newgrounds Audio Portal

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