Nov 26, 2009

Give Thanks in the Name of Christ Jesus

For those who name the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, let us give thanks to Him today for the grace He shown to all of us. Let us give thanks to the common grace He has given to the world as well. Let us give thanks that He has provided the times and places of our habitations that we may hear the gospel, those who haven't will have an opportunity, and that we can rejoice in knowing the Lord as Savior.

And lastly, let not our thanksgiving be only temporal and reserved for a specific day appointed for thanks by the ordinances of men, but let everyday be a day that those who truly believe, love Christ and seek to keep His commandments will give thanks for His sacrifice and redemption every single day. For Christ bore not just the wrath of puny men, but the might wrath of an angry God that we might know Him. Let us also give thanks that He was raised from the dead and appeared to many witnesses, as well as the disciples, and revealed to them that death had been conquered and that in Him those who believe will have eternal life.

Praise God for Jesus the Son, and our Savior, Lord, and Comforter.


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