Jul 5, 2009

Letters to the Church: Century 1 The Beginning


I am thinking about starting a series of posts that will appear here from time to time @ the Deliver Detroit Blog. I’m going to call it, "Letters to the Church: Century 1." Here’s what I’m thinking, select an author of one of the NT books, whether they are a Gospel or Epistle, and write them with concern for the current state of the Church, maybe a report or request for advisement, encouragement, or exhortation, or even reverse it, and encourage them, maybe even view it as a report back to those who’ve shed blood for the message we here in America are allowed to claim without facing death. Or use your own creative license and choose the content you would submit. Select from the following,

(Some have been spoken for already, here is a list of the remaining options!)

John-Mark the author of the Gospel of Mark

Luke the Historian

Matthew the Tax Collector

Paul the Apostle

James the Apostle

Peter the Apostle

If you decide to participate that’d be awesome! Please remember to be reverent and consider that this is not meant to be satire or low brow entertainment, but a means of drawing a comparison between then and now. Let me know which one you’ve chosen and a possible timeline for the submission. I hope to start this series soon! I’m encouraged that it will be fruitful and would like to see how others living and being the 21st century church would write back to the 1st century church. While there will be joy, I’m almost certain there too will be lament. I’m looking forward to your responses, be it yay or neigh. Contact me with your selection or ideas here as soon as possible, I hope to begin the posting as soon as possible!

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