Jul 18, 2009

Get Ready to Rumble!

Normally I would've posted something related to my recent anniversary. It has been a pleasure of mine to reflect back on the former life I once lived and praise God for His mercy and grace. The 13th of this month has passed and gone and one more year (counting 5 now) has come since the last time I was in bondage to drug addiction and living in the streets. I wish I had time to offer up some sort of inspirational musing, but I don't have time! It's funny, the book of Ecclesiastes says that the sleep of a laborer is sweet (Ecc 5:12). Indeed, I'm sure that it is, especially once you finally get it! I am so looking forward to the day when I will go to bed without homework needing to be done!

I suppose the one reflection I could offer at this very moment is this. God is good. He has kept me and has been sanctifying me for this purpose this very day and I continue to look forward as I am transformed by the renewing of my mind (Rom 12:2) and going from glory to glory (2Cor 3:18)! What great inspiration this has given me and sustained me in the past few years as I've weathered much adversity, trial, even persecutions, and tribulation. At this point, the purpose of all these things is still only assumption, but where goal setting as served as motivation in the past, true motivation can be sought after be desiring to glorify God and the name of His son Jesus Christ (1Cor 10:31-33) regardless of the results of my labor. If it isn't for Him, it is in vein.

I do not wish to waste my life, and in all my busyness, still feel as thought I am. What a struggle. At this point I am wrapping up 3 major papers, 200 more hours of interning and preparing for graduation with a degree, an accomplishment that I would've never imagined. My hope and prayer is for a continuation of ways to redeem the time (Eph 5:16) that was once wasted but is now given for harvesting and the work I've been allowed to study for and prepare for will be used of God to help others and to serve them in humility. This is my desire, this is my hope. If I were to sum it up now in a single statement this is what I would say,

"Down with upward mobility and class assertion amongst my peers and our dignified social persona. Up with downward mobility, humility, and sacrificial servitude for those who are yet to hear the glorious Gospel. Let not my accomplishments be for my benefit and well being, but for the labor to be done amongst the nations, and those who are waiting to meet our Lord."

Hear the prayers of your servant Lord, hear my cry, and please let others beckon to this call.

Peace be with you,

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Anonymous said...

Praise be to our awesome God!!! Praying for you!
- a sister in Detroit

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