Feb 22, 2009

Things I Need

I don't often participate in meme's or other satirical type blog postings, but this one was funny, and too good to pass on. Alan at the Assembling of The Church blog has tagged a few friends, and anyone else who is interested in participating. Here are the top 10 needs I have according to Google.

James needs a hat petition - Apparently a large cowboy hat or sombrero is necessary to protect myself from extremely deadly UV rays.

James Needs is actually accredited with directing and editing over 100 films from the 40's through the 70's.

James needs Vista - But I like OS X. Seriously, I don't like Vista very much, but if I need it, well....I must get it.

James needs airline tickets - Yep, to London, so I can return to my office at James Needs & Associates.

James needs your prayers - I will not humor this one a bit, because I can always use all the prayer possible.

James needs an agent - My Rune music production has finally stepped it up a notch, anyone want to represent me?

James needs a bigger share of the vote with Barclay's - I guess I'm big in London. Couldn't quite figure out the hubub with this one.

James needs sleep - Self-portraits on Flickr, and yes, I do need sleep. All the time.

James needs a job - I've been gainfully employed for the past five years consecutively. This comes as news to me. Maybe it's an omen or sign eh?

James needs a hat - Apparently, this is the second time this has popped up withing the list. Someone please buy me a hat.

I am really interested in buying a new hat. Maybe one of those "Newsboy" caps, I always thought they were cool, just never thought I had the "hat head" to pull it off. Either way, I'm not going to tag anyone in particular. But if you wanna participate leave a comment and drop a link to your list.

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Jennifer said...

Uhh, I think I'll pass as far as posting on my blog. Try it with my name and you'll see the first thing on the list that I apparently need is a "smack daddy" (which according to the Urban Dictionary is not as obscene as it sounds). I also need to "get in bed with Kyle," as well as "give birth in the next week." Finally, I need to "accept that I've gained what looks like some major pounds."

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