Nov 27, 2008

Winner of Amazon Gift Card

Congratulations go out to the winner of the first giveaway sponsored by Deliver Detroit. If you entered the contest and did not win, thank you for your participation. If its any consolation to those who did not win, the odds were not too bad, so kudos for taking a chance. I hope that you continue to follow the blog, and I assure you that while not much as happened in the past few weeks I will be preparing some long overdue posts for future reading. School is a bear sometimes and dividing time amongst that, work, and side projects can be overwhelming. But, being busy is a good thing in my world, it keeps me out of trouble.

I hope to hear from more of you in the future and want to remind everyone that the next giveaway will be coming soon, and will probably be a little more exciting. At least I believe it will be for me! So until next time, happy thanksgiving.

2 Corinthians 9:15

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