Nov 5, 2008

Social Reform and an "Obama Nation"

Admitting this aloud amongst many of my conservative brethren could prove to be a fatal flaw, but it equates to little in my little book of worries. But, being a student of Social Work and an advocate for social justice changes how I view things in the normal "evangelical conservative lens." It's safe to say that I don't agree with a good majority of President-elect Obama's policies and campaign points, but part of me is glad that he has won the election.

Barack Obama may or may not represent the change needed in our country, and as a bible believing Christian, I know for fact that the one thing that will change anything or anyone for the better is not something he's going to propagate or promote from the presidential podium. Jesus Christ is the one sole agent of change that can motivate the heart of man to do anything good, and that means "anything."

It is bittersweet that Barack has won the election, and I'll admit that it would've been just as bad looking forward if he would've lost. I say hooray that white America gets a dose of reality, and I say Amen that we have as a nation elected a president that is African-American and represents the birth of an age where barriers are no longer daunting, but beatable.

Change is what this country needs. Change is the name of Obama's election winning platform, but the change he offers as a man is temporal. It has little effect on the eternity of many. As a Social Work student and benefactor of social programs for the poor (as I am white, and I am poor) I am anxious to see just what Barack's term will bring. Either way, a message for those who are rejoicing in the win and the wonderful things they believe he is going to deliver upon will leave them wanting.

Barack is not the messiah, stop believing the change he advocates is the change that will fix things.

It's not.


love God... said...

Hi James,

Just a careful when you stop caring what you're "conservative" (not sure what you mean by that) brothers and sisters in Christ think. If by "conservative" you mean bible-believing maybe we need to have a chat. I would definitely consider myself to be a conservative Christian so I'm just curious what you're referring to. :-)

James said...

Its not the concerns of my Christian brethren, its the lack of concern I have for the socio-political agenda known as conservatism. I do not believe that what most who would consider conservative views can really justify becoming proactive in a corrupt political system that represents a liberal culture. I've been called a liberal because I don't believe you can legislate morality, I believe we must propagate the Gospel. Only the hearts of men changed by grace will change the actions of men bound by sin.

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