Mar 23, 2008

Obscene phone calls and Christ crucified.

Saturday night was seemingly uneventful at work, and the night had gone pretty calmly. That is unusual for any one of my closing shifts at work and I was prepared for the unexpected to occur at any moment. Not many people desire to gorge on Mickey D's late at night before Easter Sunday. The typical customers, were well, typical Saturday night customers. It was just way too quiet to be true.

The phone rang many times, which is also typical at the restaurant, but one phone call was extremely obscene. The question I was asked was inappropriate and not worthy of repeating, but let's just say my response was one of inquiry and for them to justify their level of maturity. "Are you serious? Would you please consider having intelligent conversation, if not I am hanging up now." It would seem this person decided to call back later on in the evening. It was still slow and the phone rang again. Normally, there would not be time to have a phone conversation with someone but tonight, like I said, was different.

The individual on the line this time must have been the same one as before because their obscenity had escalated to a higher level. This time I interrupted their statements and asked them if they had a moment. They said sure, this opened the door wide and clear. I stated very plainly and bluntly that if they did not repent and put their trust and faith in Jesus Christ to save them from their sin, they will perish and be damned in hell for all eternity. Their response was of disbelief and a blatant non-caring attitude. The conversation continued and they dismissed their need for a savior based upon not believing in hell. I emphasized the importance of understanding that whether we believe in something or not, doesn't change it's existence. I also emphasized the importance that Jesus placed on hell as He spoke of it more often than He did heaven.

This individual not only silenced after I explained to him our state before God without Christ and that he will be without excuse on the day of judgment (Rom 1:18-22). I also pleaded with him to consider his eternal salvation and the importance of his fate. I told him that if he had planned on refuting Christianity and it's believers that he owed it to himself to at least pick up the bible and read it for himself first. I told him to begin with the Gospel of John.

Please pray for our anonymous caller. This person obviously new me as they had said my name at one point in the conversation. They ended in response by stating they had appreciated what I said and that these words actually meant much to them. They thanked me and we hung up peacefully. Then I smiled, and praised God for the opportunities He allows me to participate in.

Now, I thank God for His grace and mercy, His divine appointments, and His sacrifice for the sins of men. I am unworthy of serving such a gracious God, but oh how I rejoice in His love for me, that He has called me His own! Thank you Lord Jesus!

See, you can witness too! Just remember it is a privilege and a command. Not an option...

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