Mar 19, 2008

Adding it up...

I was checking out want-ads in the local area and came across an interesting one. This particular job listing was for an individual to work in church in a well to do city north of Detroit. For sake of naming names, let's just call it a "big one." It even has plenty of financial clout to do what it wants. Nonetheless, here's the ad.

Resource-Size Parish seeks an experienced person to lead our Christian Formation of Children, Youth and Families. Our parish has over two hundred children and youth. We would be best served by an individual who has the right combination of spiritual gifts, maturity, ministry development, and dynamic leadership to build a coalition of adults that will support the growth that we are planning. Resources, brand new children and youth facilities, and support of the Parish and Vestry are in place. (emphasis mine)

If I could draw your attention to the bold word "we." Without reading too much into this, its as almost if the ad is self-disclosing of who they are entrusting with the building of their "targeted" group doesn't it? It also conflicts with the scripture too. Interesting? Nah, just truth displaying itself for those who know Christ. Man being man and assuming that in and of himself there is no need for means outside of his own power and agenda. As if he has any of these without God anyway?

Acts 2:47 - praising God and having favor with all the people And the Lord was adding to their number day by day those who were being saved.

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