Jan 4, 2012

For all my loyal readers, I have an update concerning the blog. For all the loyal site bots and useless traffic links I get from Uzbekistan, well, I don't know what to say to you. Thanks for all the useless traffic?

I have been preparing new material for the blog I originally aimed to recreate on a WordPress theme in November. That did not happen. Good news is, I passed my licensing exam, and the semi-minute break I took helped in that regard. However, the blog theme is not ready. I hope it will be up and running by March 1st.

Until then, if I have any blazing insights or new book reviews I am itching to post, you will still see them here.

See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

We, the people of Uzbekistan, are deeply offended by the tone of this piece. We assume the exam you passed did not have any questions pertaining to communicating with people of different culture using the internet. We will return on March 1 expecting a full retraction of your comment along with a sincere apology. Anything less will be considered an act of hostility against the United Republic of Uzbekistan.

- We, the people of Uzbekistan.

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