Jun 7, 2010

*UPDATE* Muslim Outreach Financial Assistance Update


Good news, the first week's AD was successfully placed. In the post below you can see that we needed $150.00 for this weeks AD as well. We have so far received 1/3 of the amount needed. Please help us out with the remaining amount due by this Wednesday, and we will be forever grateful!

We are in need of financial assistance to help fund scholarships, materials, and the recent advertisement that was just placed to help garner support for the upcoming conference and debates. The current amount of immediate need is $150.00 for purchase of the advertisement that is being ran in the Arab American News. The AD is intended to bring as many Muslims to the debates as possible. Honestly, it seems to be a small cost that could create an environment that will help many seeds be sown.

Contact me if you are able to help out.

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