Sep 21, 2009

A Desire to Write Well

I think that writing well in the blogosphere is something that many bloggers consider. Then, there are those who blog just to break down other people, places, ideals, or (you name it). Unfortunately, we see a great number of blogs littered with worthless content of little value to our lives. On the other hand, there are plenty of excellent blogs out there that encourage, exhort, and admonish us. Some blogs even provide useful information on how-to’s, and in-depth book reviews. I believe there are too many blogs serving as bully pulpits and public address systems for individuals who normally would not have a venue to spread their vitriol or undue critique and they acquiesce power they normally would not have.

I have been thinking lately about the ramifications of the content I write. It is not so much that I feel as though I have offended someone or were thinking of doing so. It is simply a matter of assessing the motive behind the things I post here at the blog so that I do not offend. It has become a great conviction of mine to aim at being honorable with what I put in the public eye, no matter its content or form. This gives explanation for the lack of posting that has been going on here as well. It is definitely a perplexing scenario considering that I normally enjoy writing. A couple reasons why writing has been difficult,

  • I have just finished all my final writing assignments totaling three papers of twenty-plus pages each
  • After writing so intensively in the last two months I have grown bored with writing
  • Writing is very involved if you aim to do it with purpose and care. Lately, I have not cared about writing
  • When beginning a post I must first do a heart check, and lately they have been failing that test
  • A good ol’ fashioned case of writers block plaguing my brain
  • The content I have been considering covering lately has been one that is due diligent study, and if I have not studied it I should refrain from commenting on it
  • And, I have been way too disorganized to put anything together of worth for the two readers I have

For better or worse, I hope to see some change in this pattern. I really do miss writing. I think the essence of my lack is found in the my concern of not causing anyone brother to stumble and to ensure a proper witness for the Lord while still doing what I enjoy. It has also become important for me to consider the impact it will have on my actions when I am kneeling before the throne of God.

For Christian bloggers, let us remember who we are accountable to. Let us also remember that our conduct should be kept excellent and honorable in the midst of this present age and that the blogger’s stage is vast and endless with many eyes witnessing what is written (1Pe 2:12). And let us finally be dedicated to writing to write well, not just writing for the sake of writing.

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