Aug 2, 2009

Letters to the Church: Dear Jude

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Dear Jude,

Thank you for your encouragement to earnestly contend for the Faith, from your following statements, it seems you we’re pointing to the fact that because of the ungodly men you spoke about getting in the way, it’s hard to see the forest through the crooked trees. I’ m sure glad that there are examples that we can look to, like you and your brother James. By the way you probably already know this but there is a compilation of scriptural books from before and after our Lord came now all put together they call the Bible. And even though your letter is only one Chapter of it; It‘s a great one Jude.

I hate to say it Jude, but as many victories and advancements that have been made in the Church, she is still very splintered which allows a lot of the corruption you spoke about to continue. Maybe it’s not like Sodom and Gomorrah but I know of sects/denominations that look the other way at known fornication, not even realizing their refusal to correct this is passing on a license to the next generation. And there’s more that is too grievous to even explain here, but many that go by the name of our Lord have given in to the pressure of the world and licensed detestable acts, further confusing true seekers.

I pray we would all awake from our slumber and realize that we will have to give an account for this.

Jude, I know you warned us, but it’s still surprising. The world here seems to be changing with each passing day; all I can say is come quickly Lord Jesus.

The mockers you mentioned often seem to be running things. ( They rule the media it seems)
One more thing Jude; what they call your epistle in verse 23. There is a problem here, maybe you can get a few of the saints up there praying. Not many here even acknowledge much a healthy fear of God, it seems gone from government (and the more liberal Churches) If the more conservative Church brings it up were called haters.

But we know we’ve a job to do even if it’s not popular, I’d rather be hated for telling the truth now and someone was being saved, then to have my Lord ask, ‘why didn’t you tell them?’ I just wish the Church all spoke the same thing. Persecution wouldn’t sting so bad if more of my brothers stood with me. But I thank God that He will build His Church. Again, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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