Apr 8, 2009

An Internship Driven by the Heart

Greetings to all. My apologies to those visiting regularly for an update, I’ve been terribly busy. To catch you up, I’ve been working my day job, interning for Hope Center and Medical Clinic, and this past week I’ve begun my internship at the Detroit Rescue Mission. Some of you may know, since I’ve begun my studies, it’s served the purpose of learning how to advocate for homeless persons, substance abusers, and individuals who have no way to get to or learn of resources to help them and/or their families. I’ve never considered the monetary compensation of what my degree would bring me, but have long hoped a career fulfilling both aspects would be attainable. Either way, my purpose has been to glorify God in what I feel is a worthy calling. Besides, my payment is not to be considered, for I have no debt (to God) to pay because of the blessed Son, Jesus Christ! Here is a brief synopsis of what I’ll be up to…

The Hope Center is unique in its own right. At one point in my life I benefited from the services they offer individuals with no insurance, money, or “hope”, and they do this based upon a Christian call to mission to love the neighbor as they love themselves. I’ll be brutally honest, in the few days of contact time I’ve spent there, I’ve not seen folks pray as much as them. Even outside the context of a physical church building, they are acting as a member of the ‘body’ would seem should act. Here I’ve been working with a team of men to develop a support system for men who tend to be overlooked. The problem is that in the non-profit sector, or even in volunteer work, there are few men seen in the forefront. Hope clinic is mainly compromised of a predominant female presence. The clientele, are very diverse and mainly come from the indigent population in a depressed and desolate area of Ypsilanti. Ironically, it isn’t too far from one of the top schools in the state, Eastern Michigan University. This men’s group will serve to teach these men living, management, and coping skills. It will also serve as place of instruction in biblical principles and precepts. Prayerfully, our team has hope that these men will learn to become servant leaders and pass their hope and experience on through strength. Most importantly, we hope that their social triumph will come through the redeeming power of the grace of Christ Jesus. It is interesting to note that one comment made in our first planning meeting was that these men, “are often overlooked by the church.” I’ve also been clocking hours in their new Wayne County satellite site servicing a new community, they will soon be in their own brand new facility and reaching a much larger base then they are able to now.

drmmThe Detroit Rescue Missions Ministries is located in Highland Park, Michigan. They serve a predominantly African-American population and provide transitional living for those who are in need. The DRMM has several locations and programs throughout the city of Detroit spanning from Downtown to the East Side. The serve men, women, and children in all aspects of their needs. The amazing thing is that a destitute dope fiend from the street can come into the mission and inside of two years of working their programs can become educated, employed, and productive in society. They can also become independent and living in a home and on their own once more. Some make it, some don’t, but the DRMM provides a resource for these individuals to have a fighting chance. You can see some of the testimonies posted on their site here. I suggest taking a read, it is very interesting to see the dramatic paradigm drawn between a perspective of having no obstacles in life and opportunities bounding to every single breath being a fight for life. Having a heart for the city of Detroit is only the half of my purpose for interning here, I desire to be a part of a true work of meeting a person’s needs. Of course the utmost of these needs are for that of the Savior’s mercy, and indeed, the full gospel is proclaimed through preaching and through good deeds done in the name of Christ.

So, to make a long story short, for the next five to six months, I’ll be cranking out hours, hitting the sack early, and still trying to eat in between. I hope to continue blogging and to finish up the Christianity and Psychology series of questions (which will be my premiere blogging task the next few weeks). In the meantime, please be in prayer for these ministries, the people they touch, and me as I attempt to work and minister within a context that needs more believers who are doing more than advocating self-help, they are proclaiming the truth of the cross at the same time.

If you are interested in volunteering, supporting, or praying for any of these efforts please let me know in the comment section. If you wish to join me in fasting and praying this coming weekend, in memory of our Lord’s arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection, I will be spending time fasting tomorrow at dusk until Sunday morning at dawn. I hope you’ll join me, its an arduous task and a difficult fast but it’s always been worth it.


Daughter, Arise! said...

I pray God's blessing be upon you, as that is not an easy area of Washtenaw County to serve. There are at least 6 churches within a 1/4 mile radius of the Hope Center, also a ministerial alliance. I'm not sure how engaged they are in the community and especially with the population that you will serve, but perhaps you can connect with some of the pastors in the neighborhood.

check you out later.

Jennifer said...

I will fast with you on Saturday!

James said...

You can fast FOR me on Saturday....It's getting rough :)

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